John Fetz / John Walsh 
​Memorial Scholarship

Chief John Fetz and Chief John Walsh each spent more than 30 years serving the Mountain View Fire Department. Both began their careers as firefighters and worked their way up the ranks to Battalion Chief. Each played significant roles as leaders and teachers of firefighters and were role models for many of the younger firefighters. Both have raised the level of professionalism within the fire service and lived the legacy of “serving others.” John Fetz and John Walsh both died of cancer shortly after their retirement and shall be forever remembered as true heroes.

There are a total of four scholarships available each year, three of which are open to:
1. Any high school senior who is a resident of Mountain View. The student must plan on attending an accredited 2 or 4 year college or vocational program as a full-time student (12 units or more).
2. The applicant must have a minimum 2.5 grade point average (verified by a high school transcript). Scholarships will be awarded based on an evaluation of the applicant’s scholastics, community service involvement, financial need, and neatness of application.

The fourth scholarship is available to:
1. Any dependent of a full-time, retired, or deceased Mountain View Firefighter (a dependent shall be defined as a son or daughter [by blood relation] or a stepchild of a Mountain View Firefighter).
2. The applicant must have a minimum 2.5GPA (verified by a high school transcript). Scholarships will be awarded based on an evaluation of the applicant’s scholastics, community service involvement, financial need, and neatness of application.

· Completed applications must be received by Saturday, June 1, 2019, and include a copy of high school transcripts.
· The scholarship committee will select 4 award recipients from the completed applications.
· Decision of the scholarship committee is final.
· Scholarship recipients may be asked to provide proof of full-time (minimum 12 units) college or vocational school registration prior to disbursement of award by the Association Treasurer.

Available Funding
A maximum of (4) $1,000 scholarships shall be awarded each year.

Award Funding
All students submitting an application will be notified in writing whether or not they have been selected for an award.

Any questions pertaining to this program should be directed to the
John Fetz/John Walsh Memorial Scholarship Committee at:

PO Box 391177 Mountain View, CA 94039
Attn: Ralph Gordon (650) 714-9190

Obtain an application by clicking here: